Underground Dreams

There are love stories and there are love stories, but when the hero and heroine of UNDERGROUND DREAMS meet serendipitously, not only does the earth move and the angels sing, but animal attraction as we know it has changed its atomic structure forever. 

It’s the 1970s and thirty-something Cosmo Cinquemani heads a motley crew of oil & gas land leasers. Though successful, he is stuck in a loveless, dead-end marriage—and his dream of finding his true “soul mate” and having “a big, noisy, Italian family” is fading fast.

Cosmo’s prayers are answered when Dara Lynn Cooper—a dairy farmer’s adopted teenage daughter—enters his life like a well-endowed Madonna. Their connection is powerful and immediate. She is Cosmo’s last chance to be the man he wants to be and to live the life he wants to live. With love as their guiding star, they run away together.

But they soon fall victim to a world of troubles. Clyde Cooper, Jr., Dara Lynn’s brother and backwoods psychopath, is bent on destroying his sister’s new romance; while at the same time, Vermont Senator Avery Tiberius Pallant is dead set on adding yet another nubile farm girl to his string of conquests—as both have fallen under Dara Lynn’s powerful spell.

As mounting circumstances demand Cosmo and Dara Lynn’s attention—including the vindictive ghost of Cosmo’s mother, state investigative hearings, a barroom confrontation, incarceration, a brutal dog attack . . . and the discovery of Champ, the legendary monster of Lake Champlain!—they realize that to be truly free and for their love to prevail, they must confront their personal demons in individual trials by fire. Come what may, they’ll die trying.

Rising above everything, they emerge victorious with the realization, despite all odds and differences, true love can blossom—even in a world that is not always ready to accept it. 

In the end, like the farmers hoping for riches beneath their soil, UNDERGROUND DREAMS reveals that we all have special dreams, and it is through these small quests for transcendence that we try to find meaning and purpose in our lives.

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Praise for Underground Dreams

…brilliantly written action suspense novel filled with mesmerizing characters.
— Mid-Atlantic Book Reviewers

“In UNDERGROUND DREAMS (Mr. La Valle) shows an acute ability to capture the subtleties of a steamy-yet-tender romance.” –CJ Donnelly, Hollywood Agent

“Great Read! . . . A great story, well-written, a funny, suspenseful, ribald and fascinating look at the oil and gas leasing business with two great characters, Cosmo and Jade, who steal the show. This novel has MOVIE written all over it. 5 stars. –Amazon Reader

”A romance told from the guy’s point of view . . . I couldn’t put it down. . . I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. . . Highly recommended! –Amazon Reader

“Best read in years! LOVED it! Can’t wait to see the movie!” –Amazon Reader

“I could visualize UNDERGROUND DREAMS more than other books. It is written in a style that reminds me of the movies—where characters and events are kind of super-charged and draw you into the story. . . . At various times funny, poignant, outrageous (and irreverent!), it was always entertaining to be a part of the twists and turns. At the end of the day, Mr. La Valle can write, and I look forward to his next novel.” –Barnes & Noble Reader